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Choosing the Right Small Business Marketing Platform

There are a plethora of small business marketing platforms on the market; many say that they can work for any type of business and help you connect with local customers — whether you want to boost search engine rankings or connect with local customers on social media.

Many of these marketing platforms require large upfront monetary commitments, without any guarantee that they will help you get the results you want. This begs the question: is online marketing worth it for small business?

Easily reaching all digital channels — without a huge price tag — is important for small businesses, but is a marketing platform the answer?

Reach your target audience

2016 digital marketing trends

70% of U.S. households now use the Internet when shopping for local products and services. Is your business being discovered by these online researchers? With the shift to digital getting stronger every year, it’s crucial for the livelihood of your small business that you reach local customers online.

The Internet is a vast place and reaching local customers can require a lot of work across many different channels, such as social media, search engines, directory sites, email, online coupons and so much more. If your local business wants to have a successful digital marketing strategy, it needs to include all of these channels.

How can you manage your small business’s digital marketing on your own?

The simple answer is you can’t — not without an inordinate amount of time and expertise. However, you can’t just ignore digital marketing.

This is where a small business marketing platform can become your lifeline. The right marketing platform will help you reach all digital channels and if created specifically for small, local businesses, it can jumpstart your digital marketing strategy without the time and expertise previously required.

The problem then becomes: where can you find a small business marketing platform that will work for your local business?

Success for any type of local business

Paramount Roofing & Siding, LLC are expert roofers and siders and service the Madison, Wisconsin area. Customers rely on Paramount for their expertise in helping them make informed decisions about their homes.

Paramount wanted to reach new customers and realized that they needed to build a strong digital presence to a highly engaged audience — all without breaking the bank. They began asking the question: what small business marketing platform can provide the services we need at an affordable price?

Paramount began using the LocalVox platform in June of 2015, looking to grow their audience and their industry expertise online. In just two months, following the direction of their dedicated account manager, the local roofing and siding business had reached nearly 6,000 customers and distributed 11 posts to local audiences.

By using a small business marketing platform, Paramount’s online marketing goals were met and quickly exceeded because they chose to use a platform that was created to get results for local businesses.

The right choice with LocalVox

With so many online marketing channels and so many platforms to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is the right choice for your small business and that’s where LocalVox can help.

LocalVox puts you in front of local consumers everywhere online — social media, search engines, directories, email lists, local publishers and more — all with the click of a button.

small business marketing platform

Start getting the results you’re looking for with one small business marketing platform that was designed to promote your business to local customers.

Learn more about how you can start growing your business with online marketing today.

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