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Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing: Football Edition

Football season is in full swing; high school football is winding down, college football is in conference playoffs and professional football is working towards playoffs. I will admit, I am not a football fan, but I do live in the same town as the Patriots and when they have gone 10-0 the fan spirit catches on. football strategies for marketing

To keep the exciting football spirit in motion, even while you’re executing seemingly mundane tasks, we’re taking football tactics and turning them into ways to improve your digital marketing. Digital marketing seems like an entirely different ballpark (Get it? Cheesy ‘I don’t know sports’ joke?) from football, many of the tactics in football actually apply outside the game and even to digital marketing.

We’ll walk you through the offensive and defensive strategies your digital marketing should be taking advantage of.

The Wildcat offense

The Wildcat offense capitalizes on mismatches of players skills by shifting offensive players around. In the Wildcat formation, the quarterback (usually the strongest player) is generally replaced by a running back, this creates a different threat for the defense to focus on, opening up the offense to a few different strategies to move ahead and get a touchdown. All the action that this one tactic provides creates a variety of options for the offense, creating a tougher play to defend against.

You can use this same strategy in your digital marketing by providing more reasons a consumer should use your local business. An example of this would be promoting a new product or service you’re selling in an email (being the main CTA, the equivalent to giving your quarterback the ball to throw down field) and adding a secondary CTA that would include a coupon for $10 off your next purchase (this being your running back running the ball down the field instead).

Your marketing offense isn’t limited to one message, but a few different messages that consumers can’t resist. That doesn’t mean giving too many options. You’ll notice the Wildcat offense gives two main options for the play (but there can be some variety in how it is executed), if it provided unlimited outcomes for the play then the team executing it could easily get confused and mess it up, making it easy for the defense to defeat. You can find this same mistake in digital marketing strategies. If you go in with too many offers, then consumers will deflect your marketing and it won’t be effective.

Focus your marketing offense on providing a few clear offers to consumers, giving them many reasons to purchase from your business.

The Westcoast offense

The Westcoast offense is the opposite of the traditional offensive play, it sets up a quick horizontal pass (not one down the field) to set up a running game. It consists of snap motions designed to confused defenders.

The objective of the Westcoast offense is two-fold: to spread the defense out, forcing a delayed reaction for coverage and to maintain possession of the ball through short attacks that aid the running game.

So instead of doing traditional marketing that focusing on consumers in one channel of marketing at a time, have a strategy that includes all marketing channels working together for constant “attacks” of your messaging. This isn’t a one and done deal, through a thorough understanding of your buyer personas you can know how each channel can feed into your ‘running game’ strategy.

Taking a holistic approach to digital marketing, especially with your buyer personas at the heart of your strategy, will create a play that will grab consumers attentions and turn them into customers.

Disguising coverage

Football is not just about offense, any successful team has a well thought-out defensive strategy to aid the offensive strategy. Disguising coverage allows a team to give the impression they are running a different defense than they actually are. For example, they may line up like they are covering man-to-man, but as the ball moves into play, they also move to a zone coverage.

Every football team has a different offensive strategy and likelihood is they will execute different plays throughout a game. If you go into each game with the same strategy, you’re not going to come out a winner. But if you adapt your game plan to how your opposing team plays you increase your likelihood to succeed.

As a small business, while you want to be actively marketing to consumers through digital channels, you need to be actively responding to consumers through those same channels. One of the biggest things you need to cover is your ratings and reviews, considering a consumer will read over 10 reviews before making a decision on a purchase means you can’t just let reviews come in and be ignored–you must respond.

But you also run into this same issue on social media, consumers expect a response on Twitter in an hour or less, but they regularly don’t receive a response for two days. How can you stay on top of all of this communication quickly? By having a disguised defense, such as LocalVox Social that can connect top social networks and review sites, you can easily tackle a to-do list of social and review responses. Be alerted to reviews and social comments while on the go through the mobile features of LocalVox Social and never let your defense be caught unaware.

Your digital marketing isn’t one channel, working on its own, but a team of channels working for the same goal-to win you sales! Take the role of coach and create strategies that can improve your digital marketing reach and effectiveness by employing some football tactics.

Whether it’s playing offense or defense, you can create a strategy that works for your business and LocalVox can help. Streamline your marketing players to start working together by managing them all from one place with the click of a button. Find out how LocalVox can help you manage your digital marketing from SEO to coupons and deals, getting more consumers to your business.

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