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Greater Focus, Greater ROI: How WBC Succeeds in a Specialized Market

Managing a PPC campaign for an ecommerce website can be a considerable challenge, even for sites with limited product lines. But what happens when you have tens of thousands of products, all of which are aimed at various highly specialized audiences? Things can get complicated quickly. Derek Gales, Digital Marketing Manager of WBC, knows this better than most.

WBC is the parent organization of Elivate Fitness, a supplier and distributor of fitness and exercise equipment based in Hudson, Ohio. WBC also handles distribution for a number of other ecommerce websites, including MeyerDC, a site catering specifically to licensed chiropractors; MeyerPT, a site serving physical therapy professionals; and Milliken Medical, a medical equipment supplier.

As the Digital Marketing Manager for WBC, Derek understands the unique challenges faced by specialized ecommerce sites operating in niche markets. Here’s how Derek cut his CPA in half and increased revenue by 127% in just eight months.

Actionable Data, Strategic Insights

Derek is responsible for managing all of the products across WBC’s four web properties, as well as their related PPC campaigns.

“I am in charge of all of our ecommerce websites with over 46,000 products, creating and implementing inbound marketing campaigns for all divisions, as well as creating and executing both paid and organic campaigns,” Derek says. “Additionally, I help to oversee our email creation and distribution process.”

With more than enough work to keep him busy, Derek turned to a PPC agency to help manage WBC’s intricate, highly targeted campaigns for dozens of specialized product lines. However, Derek soon found that the results left a great deal to be desired.

“While working with our agency in April of 2015, we were spending $9,200 per month across all three divisions on clicks alone,” Derek says. “We were not getting the strategic insight we needed. We needed more actionable data.”

Derek knew that it was this insightful, actionable data that could help him reduce wasted spend and improve his ROI. However, until that point, the idea of bringing WBC’s PPC campaigns in-house had been inconceivable. The volume, complexity, and granularity of the keywords WBC was targeting meant significant overhead in terms of campaign management.

WBC customer spotlight Elivate Fitness screenshot

“My company can only sell to licensed chiropractors and physical therapists,” Derek explains. “Because of this, we have to be very strategic in the keywords and match types we utilize to make sure and not drive traditional B2C customers to our site.”

Derek needed a way to gain these invaluable insights into his vast volume of campaign data, and the means to act upon them immediately – and he found it.

Intelligent Campaign Optimization

After discovering WordStream, Derek realized he’d found the partner he needed. Allowing him to manage high-volume campaigns easily and in minimal time, WordStream enabled Derek to effortlessly optimize his existing campaigns, as well as identify new areas of opportunity.

“The 20-Minute Work Week is fantastic,” Derek says. “It has been the key to achieving the lowest CPA we have ever had in each division. I cut my CPA in half for each division and my revenue is up 127% over the last eight months.

WBC customer spotlight WordStream 20 Minute PPC Workweek

“The QueryStream has also been great for removing costly search terms that allow you to dive a bit deeper into your campaigns.” Derek explains. “I go through the 20-Minute Work Week and thoughtfully review each of the suggestions. I then review my ads and update them based on any keyword changes. I then go to the campaign section and dive deeper in the QueryStream and look more closely at what has been searched.”

Different Platforms, Different Campaigns

Unlike many advertisers, Derek also approaches Google AdWords and Bing Ads as distinct, unique services, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

“I look at Google and Bing separately,” Derek explains. “I have learned that the behaviors are different and thus the campaigns are different. I have gotten much better returns in each by treating them separately.”

Derek had extensive PPC experience long before becoming a WordStream customer, but WordStream Advisor’s actionable alerts and individualized recommendations help keep him on the right track and adhering to PPC best practices, all the while saving him precious time and helping his ad budget go farther.

WBC Customer Spotlight WordStream Advisor dashboard

“I try and keep my ad groups as tight as possible so that I can be actionable on converting keywords,” Derek says. “This has helped to make new ad groups quickly without looking through tons of keywords.”

Overall, Derek says the results have been remarkable.

“WordStream has been able to save us money on wasted clicks and optimize the keywords that were driving traffic,” Derek says. “The insight from the 20-Minute Work Week is better than any I have received from numerous top-tier PPC agencies.”


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