Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Year, New Look at

As with anything in business, websites evolve and change over time to accommodate different strategies and initiatives.

LocalVox provides local businesses of all types and sizes with digital marketing solutions — website creation included — and it is important that our own online marketing is best in class and representative of what we provide to our clients.

On January 12, 2016 we launched the new, designed to better serve small businesses in need of digital marketing help. Whether you are a small business owner interested in learning more about local online marketing, or an existing LocalVox client who wants to attend a webinar, the new website design will help you find the information that you are looking for quickly and easily.

So, what’s new?

Our focus when going into the redesign project was to better serve small businesses, whether they are an existing client or not. To reflect the websites we create for clients, we designed our new website to have a modern, clean design that was easy to navigate — similar to what a local business owner would look for in their own site.

The old was great when we were still a startup; it helped connect us to many local businesses searching for our marketing services so we could grow our business. We continued to rapidly grow and started helping thousands of small businesses across the country, the updates we made to our own website alongside that growth included building out our blog and resource center. However, we never took a hard look at how our website reflected on our business because we were so busy everywhere else.

But we realize that’s no excuse!

As our business has grown, our opportunities to help small businesses has also expanded. We want to make sure any local business owner can find easily the Internet marketing information they need on, so the user experience was above all else.


The old


The redesigned, new

Our site’s refreshed look and improved navigation, combined with user-friendly content, allows local businesses to better interact with LocalVox online. Our already robust resource center has been expanded, specifically designed to aid the small business owner with a variety of free tools.

Our Resource Center includes:

Our new website reinforces the fact that LocalVox provides the online marketing information that local businesses are looking for. The website has a sleek and modern feel and clearly articulates what we can help small businesses achieve, providing inspiration for website designs and experiences for our clients.

As the digital media landscape continues to evolve, the new website will allow us to take advantage of those new opportunities, while still providing best-in-class content to our viewers.

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