Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gym Marketing: Tips to Attract Customers

Just in time for summer, we have collected our favorite marketing campaigns and promotion ideas for your gym to help get the exposure it needs to not only gain new customers but retain your current ones.

“New Year, New You” leads to “Summer Slim Down”

A favorite of many gym marketers, repetitive annual campaigns can become the baseline for a gym marketing schedule. Starting strong in January with the New Year’s promotion, can lead directly into a campaign around getting slim for the summer, which typically kicks off in early April (some even in late March). These promotions give your gym marketing a bit of structure with a clear start and end date, and allow you to repeat year after year, offering incentives such as a discount on new membership, or a prize to those who slimmed down the most during the promotion time.

Once you have decided on your promotion, you need to market it across many different channels. From email to Facebook ads, be sure to target your promotion to those who would be most interested. In addition, the more you run it, the more SEO power you build for your gym.

Gym Anniversary Sale

A typical gym anniversary promotion would be focused around your gym’s founding date, featuring something like a flash sale that day. But an even more exciting opportunity would be to target your current happy customers, on their personal “gymaversaries”. Send an email promotion specific for them that asks the current customer to share their gym experience with their friends and family, and for every person who joined using their code that month, then the new customer and current customer would receive $10 (or 10%) off their gym subscription.

Not only does the gymaversary promotion connect with customers about their continued time at the gym, it also gives them a reason to share their experience with others, which subsequently attracts more business.

Free Training Day

This promotion opens up your gym to non-members for free once a quarter, giving them the opportunity to join a class, use the weights and find out more information about your gym. Share this promotion in the same manner as the Summer Slim Down and other campaigns, through email, blog articles, social posts and Facebook ads. Creating a landing page to collect email addresses also allows you to not only potentially sign-up new members, but stay in contact with those who weren’t quite ready to commit yet.

After running this promotion you can continue to send future promotions and offers to this email list of potential gym members, keeping your business present in their mind.

Feature a member

Some of the most successful gym marketing campaigns are not the standard promotions, rather they are speaking about something unique to your gym — or your members themselves! With permission, you can also feature members of your gym in email newsletters to weekly social posts.

Seek out exceptional gym members that are working hard to reach their goals and make them feel special by sharing their fitness journey in these marketing channels.

By simply taking a picture of them, either doing their favorite workout or just smiling at the camera and sharing what makes them unique and a special addition to your team you create a strong community for your gym, keeping current members engaged. There is also a social share component to this, as members often pass that along to family and friends.

Provide help via blog posts

The easiest way to build traffic to your website, and trust at your location, is to share your expertise in the form of blog posts. In a blog post you have the ability to share infographics, videos or articles discussing common questions a the gym, concerns, favorite workouts or even how to use new equipment correctly.

In addition to sharing your expertise you can share your current promotions via blog articles as well, gaining additional exposure for your campaigns.

Overall, providing consistent, valuable content over time attracts more visitors to your content and to your gym.

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What are your favorite gym marketing techniques? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll add them to the list!

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