Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Set Up An Instagram Account for Success

Be able to set up an instagram account for success with our simple walk through!

Instagram is closing in on its 6th birthday and, yet, many businesses still don’t use the photo sharing social media network.

No matter what your business type, Instagram provides you with 300 million active monthly users you can connect with and showcase your business products/services to.

While many small businesses recognize the growing importance to engage on the network, they are often intimidated with getting started. We at LocalVox want to make it easy for you to get set up so you can begin to connect with your customers on this valuable platform. We have created a simple, step by step guide through all the pieces of setting up an Instagram account for success for your local business. Once you are set-up, you will be ready to start posting on a regular basis (like you do on Facebook or Twitter, just with images).

Step-by-step guide to setting up an Instagram account


Set up an Instagram account by downloading the app and opening it up on your mobile device

Decide whether you want your Instagram account to be set up by email

With this registration method, you will need to confirm your email address or phone number. Instagram will send you a confirmation email (where you can just click a link) or send your phone a text message with a confirmation code.

Or decide to set it up your Instagram account through Facebook credentials

Connecting your Instagram profile to your Facebook account is an easy way to find new people to follow who will most likely already be interested in your business because they are interested in being your friend on Facebook

Fill in your Instagram account initial information like username and password

Your Full Name should be your business name or brand name and your username should try to stay consistent with your other social profiles. When it’s not possible to use your normal username, find something similar or easy to associate with your business.

Start finding friends to follow on Instagram through your contacts and Facebook friends

Choose your interests so Instagram can share more people to follow with you

Instagram will recommend more people to follow which you can choose to do or continue on with your process

By following other businesses or profiles that share your interests you can find potential businesses to co-market with or run promotions, bringing greater exposure to your Instagram profile and business.

At this point you have set up an instagram account, now make it successful!

Go to your Instagram profile page and select "Edit Profile" to fill in more information about your profile

Fill in more information about your business or brand so you can easily attract more followers

Start posting images and videos to your Instagram profile

Once you select an image or video to share on Instagram, add a filter a caption (with hashtags) and any additional information

You do not need to add a filter or include all the information available in a post, but it can make your post more appealing to viewers, especially the location which can be used to tag your business location or find nearby Instagram users.

You've posted your first Instagram image or video and can see you latest post and the latest posts from the people you follow in your home feed

You’re ready to go forth and start sharing on Instagram! Next, start slowly following more people, sharing more content and interacting with your audience!

Once you get your profile set-up on Instagram, incorporate the network into your daily social management and weekly social scheduling. Many of the posts you share on Twitter or Facebook can be altered to be a visual message to share on Instagram, grabbing an audience you may not capture on another network.

Need to take control of your social profiles? Use the LocalVox platform to manage your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, scheduling out posts and engaging with retweeters and commenters with an easy-to-use to-do list. Check it out today!

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