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Top 3 Video SEO Tips to Get Viewed

Once a piece of content has been created, does not mean that the work is over. After putting so much time and effort into a piece the last thing you want to do is post it and be done with it. Both before you hit publish and after, there is a variety of tasks to do to ensure you are getting the most value from your content, ranging from SEO efforts to supporting social messages.

When it comes to video creation, the list varies a bit from the tactics recommended for written content, most specifically in the area of how best to increase your reach through search engine optimization, since video doesn’t contain the copy that is often relied on for SEO.

What you need to include to increase your video SEO

We’ve collected the top SEO tips to help increase the views of any current videos you may have published and to keep in mind for future videos, to get the most views right from the start. From titles to tags, find out what will benefit your business the most:

See what’s been done

Before you start your content creation process, it’s often a best practice to check out what others have done through robust searches in YouTube. This isn’t just to see if the video you’re doing has been done before, but to check out all the various components ranging from thumbnails, to descriptions, and even titles.

One main item to focus on for video SEO efforts is the “long-tail keywords” used in searches. For example, if you’re a repairman and are looking to do a video on dryer repair, see what people are searching for first. An easy way to do this is to type in “how to fix dryer” and see what pops up. Looking at the search auto-complete is a quick and easy way to understand common search terms without having to do the detailed analysis using products like SEM Rush and Spyfu.

Working on your video SEO, finding long-tail keywords

Work on your description

Once you create your video, you need to put together all the other details that will really help viewers and searchers. One important factor is the description box, which is actually indexed by search engines to rank your video in search.

When writing your video description there are a few keys things you need to know:

  1. The first two lines will appear next to your video in YouTube searches and when posted on social media
  2. The first five lines will appear above the “read more” tab below your video
  3. You can write up to 5000 words
  4. It should contain a link to your website, blog and social profiles
  5. It should contain any links to items referenced in your video (such as a where to buy a dryer part)

If you aren’t sure what to include in your description after a few short sentences, consider including a transcription of your video. This can help boost your video SEO because of the keywords you used in the video, making the content available to be “crawled” by search engines.

Don’t forget tags

One item that can get overlooked are the tags for each video. While these do not appear in the video description or alongside your videos, they do help for searches. Just like categories help your business be found in online directories, tags help organize your video into appropriate categories and related search terms.

How to organize your video seo: don't forget tags!

There are plenty of items to add to your content marketing checklist, but next time you create a video, use these 3 tips to optimize for search and increase your video viewers.

What do you focus on when posting your videos? Let us know in the comments below.

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