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From FREE and Low-Cost Marketing Automation Tools for SMB

When you want to make marketing your small business easier, faster and more effective, your need to find ways to make marketing automation work for you.  There are dozens of marketing automation tools built for small businesses and designed to handle the repetitive tasks that drive your digital marketing strategies. Here are some free and low-cost marketing automation tools that could save hours each day by automating your marketing functions.

Want to email new customers to ask for feedback?

There is a tool for that.

Want to create personalized landing pages?

There is software that makes it easy.

Want to integrate your sales and support systems?

There are platforms that handle that too.

Take a Look at these Free and Low-Cost SMB Marketing Automation Tools

azuqua marketing automationAzuqua

Starting at a reasonable $67 per month, Azuqua will help automate your small business marketing, sales and customer service all from one platform.  It’s working to perfect the synergy of using an all-in-one system into work flows.  Imagine that someone tweets about your business – this technology is smart enough to find it, analyze it and send to the customer service or sales department that should handle it.  Azuqua does that, among other things like lead capture, segmentation and marketing, contacts management, automatic account setup, and customer support.  It also works well with HubSpot and Marketo if you already have those systems in place.

jumplead marketing automationJumplead

Jumplead is an inbound marketing automation tool that converts visitors into leads and then nurtures those leads into customers. Features include email marketing, contact management, analytics, visitor identification and even landing page creation.  The features that stand out the most will be the live web chat and social media integration. Jumplead has a FREE starter plan that includes 200 contacts, 200 visitors and 1 SEO keyword for one use if you’re a tiny startup or just want to try it out but you’ll want to consider the $49 a month plan that will handle 3k visitors, 2k contacts and 20 SEO keywords for three users.

leadsius marketing automationLeadsius

Leadsius ranges from FREE (for 2500 database and 1 user) to $1,495 (Enterprise 100k database and 25 users.  For a small or local business, the FREE plan allows for powerful automation with lead management and visitor tracking, with content tools like landing page, web form, and email creators, templates, and email follow up.  All that in addition to contact management, list management, workflow automation, reports, and analytics.

reputation loop review management softwareReputation Loop

Reputation Loop is an affordable business software that automates your reputation marketing by gathering feedback from your customers and getting your best reviews posted on the online review sites that matter most to your business.  It’s a hands-free solution that uses your customers’ email address or phone number to send a message for feedback, routing bad feedback to the business for customer service and good feedback directly to the review sites you choose such as Yelp and Google to get your best reviews posted online.  Other features include review monitoring and notification, real-time reporting, employee performance tracking, social media posting and easy integration with Infusionsoft.  This low-cost solution takes reputation marketing to the next level. Get a free demo for personalized pricing to see how easy it is to grow a five-star online reputation that attracts new customers 24/7.

salesautopilot2 marketing automationSales Autopilot

Sales Autopilots is an entry-level email marketing tool with ecommerce and sales functions like payment and shipping options and automated modules that keep everything in one place.  Modules include multi-channel communication, affiliate management, and a helpdesk support ticket system. In addition, you can tackle customer targeting, marketing campaigns, lead nurturing, call center integration, landing pages, surveys and ERP integration using the built-in CRM.  Sales Autopilot starts at FREE with all these features, and the Pro level is just $19 a month for 2,000 emails.  Add additional email credits at around $4 per thousand.

spokal marketing automationSpokal

Spokal is a WordPress inbound marketing automation platform that helps you build more traffic so you can generate quality leads.  Sounds simple enough but there are a lot of moving parts that Spokal handles to build you a solid search engine optimized content marketing platform. The starter plan is $49 a month for a single user and 200 contacts and includes dozens of features:

  • Blog SEO Recommendations
  • Blog Title A/B Testing
  • Integrated Social Publishing
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Feedly Integration
  • Multiple CTA types
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Tracking
  • Rank Tracking
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Competitor Negative Tweet Analysis
  • Competitor Most Retweeted Analysis
  • Lead Scoring
  • Sales Lead Notifications
  • Event Based Segmentation
  • A/B Testing Emails
  • Email Lead Nurturing
  • Event based Automation Triggers

Top-Rated Marketing Automation Tools that Cost a Little (or A LOT) More

The marketing automation tools listed above are ideal for businesses just starting with marketing automation and small enough to test systems without too much investment or dependency.  If you are working with less than 1000 contacts, they have the features to help you grow.  For larger businesses able to invest more, and looking for scalable and feature rich marketing automation platforms, check out these leaders in marketing automation:


Starting at $5 a month for 500 contacts with use of all features, this is a highly scalable system that you can keep when you reach your 1 million customers mark.


Starts at $2,000 a month for 10k contacts and 10 users, this is a robust marketing solution from Oracle.


*TOP RATED* The basic package is $200 a month and requires a $600 onboarding fee for 100 contacts.  It’s another $100 for each 1k more contacts so it adds up quick.


Another top rated system, they sell their services in bundles so you can customize your marketing automation strategy in pricing tiers, but they don’t publish their rates.


A Salesforce product and highly rated, the standard package is $1,000 per month but is lacking a lot of the higher plan features that makes Pardot standout among competition.

Right On Interactive

Starts at $300 per month for 1,000 contacts, and has all the features you look for in a business level marketing automation system in the starter package.

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