Monday, April 4, 2016

Getting on the Google 3 Pack For Construction Trades

Three (3) Pack Success Keys

The holy grail for local building contractors, home remodelers and the like is to appear on the Google 3 pack for their particular set of specialties in their primary market.

Why? Because it is…

  • FREE
  • Very Powerful

Now some caveats to the FREE comment. True the beauty of the position is that it is free. If you can get there, Google treats you to prime real estate at no charge.

Getting there may however require an investment in some professional assistance in getting your website and other backend features properly set up.

This is one of the services I as a Minneapolis Internet Marketing Consultant provide to my clients.

But we can start with the key features Google admits matter.

These simply are: Relevance, Prominence and Distance.

Google uses these to  find what they think is the best match for any one person’s search.

Each search is treated as a unique episode, and is based on where the searchers computer or cell phone is and just what keyword or phrase the person used to initiate their search.

If Google thinks the person is looking for information they tend to show results that do not include the 3 pack.

If Google thinks the person is actually shopping for a possible vendor, they usually show a 3 pack based on the three criteria.  The most significant of which is often location.

People in Minneapolis do not particularly want to see Painters from Madison Wisconsin, for example or St Cloud.

This gets tricky within the metro area as there are good contractors in Blaine and in Lakeville, as well as Minneapolis proper.

While all are close, which ones that show needs to be sorted out via other criteria.

Here prominence seems to play a larger role. In some cases we have seen businesses with what we consider to be relatively weak websites rank well.  These tend to be older more established firms that have been around for decades.

So does this mean that if you are only a dozen years of months old, that you are out of the running. No.

But the challenges are a bit more steep.

The good news for most contractors though is that your competitors, like you are spending most of their time in the field and marketing as they always have.

Depending on word of mouth and trade shows, call centers etc. to drive customers to them.

What I am really saying is that so far, most of your competitors are not clued into the process to get them to rank in the three pack and that means there is still a chance for you to break through and grow your business based on enlisting Google as a free sales agent on your behalf.

Getting to the three pack though will be worth the effort. Industry experts suggest as many as 60% of all leads generated from online searches come from the 3 pack.  This may have changed recently as Google has changed is Adwords presentation to include 4 ads at the top of the page. But the 3 pack will still in all likelihood be a strong asset to those who place there.

Most searchers these days are well aware that the top listings are ads.  They tend to see the 3 pack though as a recommendation from Google. and as such are often more likely to click on the 3 pack listings than the ads themselves.

Now what is key about the three pack is that while it is your first priority to get listed there, it is then even more important that your listing show a better review results than your competitors.

That is where our RepPIlot system shines.

It helps you get more positive reviews online than any other easy to use method out there.

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from Minneapolis Internet Marketing Consultant
via mimc

from Minneapolis Internet Marketing Consultant

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