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Online Versus Print Directory for Local Businesses

Digital marketing is a topic we are passionate about here at LocalVox. The company was started to help local businesses connect with their audience online but online isn’t the only place to reach a local business audience.  Print marketing still has a stronghold in one area particularly, business directory listings.Should your local business focus on online or a print directory? We compare so you don't have to!

While some may consider a print directory like the Yellow Pages to be outdated, they can still be found in almost every household across the country, and are commonly referenced when consumers are looking for certain products and services. In fact, 8 out of 10 people will use a print directory or an internet directory for their needs.

Since business listing directories are referenced in both print, and online – it begs the question, which is better for local business, online or print directories?

Pros and Cons

Print Pros

  • Physical interaction. Studies show that we retain knowledge better through a physical interaction such as flipping through each page, writing notes, and dialing a phone number.
  • Easy access. Phone books are easy to access because almost every home has one, and updated ones are regularly delivered directly to them.

Print Cons

  • Updating. In print, when you move or change something about your business, you cannot guarantee your consumer will get the message in a timely manner. Long shelf lives make changes a challenge for businesses using print.
  • Accessibility. While there is a  phone book at home, customers have their phones in their hand all day, and therefore, turn to online directories when they are on the go.

Digital Pros

  • Interactivity. Business listings no longer are just restricted to NAP (name, address, phone number), but can now lead to a website, coupon, online menu, etc.
  • Easily discovered and accessed. A quick Google search can connect to many businesses in a community.
  • Tracking and analytic. Unlike a print directory, online listings can have UTM codes attached to URLs and can be tracked back from a website.

Digital Cons

  • Continued optimization. A local business can be listed on hundreds of directories online, updating and optimizing each one can be time-consuming and difficult (unless you use the LocalVox Dashboard, which can update all your business listings at once).

Which is better?

When someone is using a business directory, they have a specific service or need in mind and are looking to find a business to fulfill that need. What that requires from a local business is a minor amount of effort to get listed. Therefore, the more places your business is listed, the better.

So where should your local business be listed, in online and print directories?  The answer is both!  But remember, a listing is not the end of your efforts. You still want your local business to be found by customers, so it’s very important to use a business listing management service like LocalVox, which helps optimize those listings to be found by local searches.

For print directories, look for regional or local directories, especially ones that focus on your niche market. But don’t stop at just the listing, stand out from the crowd with an ad that has a lasting impact on a searching consumer. A great place to get started is at The Berry Company, which can advise you on advertising and print directories.

Consumers are searching for products and businesses, whether it’s online or in print it doesn’t matter. Make sure your business is found in both to make sure your local business isn’t missing out on any opportunities.

Where is your local business listed?

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