Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Social Stats that Affect Your Small Business

Social media marketing can be intimidating, especially for small businesses that already have limited time when it comes to their marketing. Getting started on new platforms, with different styles and requirements and opening your business up to the possibility of getting negative reviews leads some businesses to shy away from it, but at this point in the game, not being on social media makes less sense.

We’ve collected the statistics that show where small business social media marketing is today and where the opportunities are for small businesses looking to get ahead.


Over half of all U.S. adults are on social media networks. By not being where your audience is, your local business is missing vital opportunities to not only communicate with your current customers but connect to potential customers who can discover you through social media.


Consumers are consistently looking to online reviews and commentary on businesses to decide if they should patron a business. By responding to reviews, positive or negative, you can influence not only the reviewer but anyone else who may read the review.


There are a few different types of teaching styles- one of the best is visually teaching, which continues to be successful outside of a classroom. Bring visual aids into your videos, articles and content marketing as a whole to take your marketing work even further.


While Twitter is filled with constant content, it could be even busier! But many users are watching from the sidelines, and some are specifically looking for business offerings. While your content may get retweeted or liked often, there is even more you can do with Twitter to actually drive sales! Test to see if your followers are catching your tweets by creating a Twitter-specific coupon code or call-to-action.


Many small businesses take advantage of the visibility a Facebook Page can offer them but don’t realize how they can get a leg up on their competition. With only a fraction of small business Facebook Pages also paying for Facebook advertising, your local business could break ahead of the competition and be seen by more consumers in your area by doing the same.


A huge percentage of internet users spend their time on Facebook, but are they spending time looking at your local business Page’s posts? The biggest reason for a Facebook user to unlike a Page is because the posts are boring or they post too much. Track your Facebook Page’s Likes to make sure you’re not losing fans and if you are, take a look at what you’re posting and how often you’re posting.


Videos are a great way to grab your audience’s attention and also drive them to your website to learn more information. Take advantage of this content by including calls to action in your videos, links to your social media profiles, and website in your description — and simply creating content your audience wants to see!

Don’t let the opportunities pass you by, get your small business social media marketing strategy listening to your audience and changing with the times instead of getting left behind.

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