Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Taking Amazon Out of the Equation: Home Service Marketing

Amazon Home Services has been available for a year and thousands of service businesses have added their company listing, as they look to attract more customers. But for many electricians, Amazon Services has not been a great place for new business.

On the one year anniversary of Amazon’s Home Service’s opening, Bloomberg Technology reported the motivation behind Amazon’s Home Service’s, which is to sell more appliances– with the help of a serviceman to install them.

While this might be a good business model for Amazon, it has not proven particularly successful  for many home service businesses, especially electricians.

One electrician business didn’t decide to jump on the Amazon bandwagon and instead looked elsewhere to grow their business: social media.

Craftsmen Electric knew that online marketing worked and wanted to expand their social media and content marketing, but didn’t have the resources to get it started, so they turned the LocalVox for help.

Hear their story:

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