Thursday, June 30, 2016

Customer Match for Shopping Campaigns Now in Open Beta

By far, one of the biggest announcements Google made in 2015 was the ability to target lists of users via their email addresses with Customer Match. For the past 9 months, our customers have been ecstatic to apply this targeting to the Gmail, YouTube, and RLSA campaigns, often seeing conversion rates from customer match over 3 times as high as their new search visitors!*

adwords customer match conversion rate

While Customer Match targeting is amazingly powerful, many retailers felt left out of the fun since, previously, Customer Match didn’t extend to shopping campaigns. To their delight, Google announced on Monday that Customer Match for Shopping is now in open beta for all advertisers to test. Savvy advertisers will certainly hop on this opportunity quickly, and we’ve seen in the past that applying remarketing lists for shopping campaigns can boost CTR and CVR by over 400%!**

customer match for shopping campaigns

Advertisers interested in getting early access to Customer Match targeting for their shopping campaigns can opt into the beta here and expect to get access to the new feature shortly. Whether you’re new to managing shopping campaigns or you’ve been doing it forever, targeting on Google is evolving quickly and is sure to help advertisers take their campaigns to new levels in the coming months!

Data Sources

*Data here reflects 28 Wordstream clients using Customer Match Lists & proper conversion tracking on the Google Search Network in January 2016.

**Data here reflects 26 accounts (Wordstream clients) using RLSA audiences for their shopping campaigns on the Google Search Network in September 2015.

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Mark is a Data Scientist at WordStream with a background in SEM, SEO, and Statistical Modeling. Follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +.


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