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From What is an API? Reputation Loop’s Top API Integrations

What’s an API?

API stands for “Application Programming Interfaces” and they allow one program to talk to another. Whether the programs are on the same computer, or websites on external servers the allow for seamless software integrations API integrations connect the programs you use the most.  Essentially it is a tool that helps developers write code that lets the software they developed interface with other software. Many companies supply their API’s for free because API’s help their programs interact with other programs which make their software more useful (and thus more valuable) to their customers.

Written in a standard code that all computers understand, API’s are designed to be used by computers, with the end-user (the other software) in mind much the same way apps in the app store are designed with the end-user (humans) in mind.  To protect the humans who use API integrations, two computers using an API can establish trust using authentication and credentials to protect better any sensitive data that passes through.

Think of an API as super-charged automated data entry tool that has been pre-approved to:

  • Get (ask the server to retrieve something)
  • Post (ask the server to create something)
  • Put (ask the server to edit/update something)
  • Delete (ask the server to delete something)

API integrations make large amounts of data more manageable for computers by automating tedious and labor-intensive tasks that would take hours or days for a human to accomplish.  They also let the computer programs and apps we use every day talk to each other so the things we need to do or know can be seamless done or delivered.  With each passing day, the importance of API’s grows as customers (you), businesses, and programmers find new ways to use software to make their lives easier, their businesses more profitable, and their programs faster and more user-friendly.

Reputation Loop’s Newest Integrations

Reputation Loop recently released two new API integrations that make it even easier for some of its users to gather and promote the five-star reviews that set them apart from the competition online.

Reputation Loop Integrates with Zillow

Lenders and real estate agents providing services on Zillow can now use Reputation Loop to build and protect the ratings and reviews home buyers rely upon to choose the best real estate professionals and mortgage providers. Zillow is the leading real estate and rental marketplace with a living database of more than 110 million U.S. homes, serving the full lifecycle of owning and living in a home. The ability to post reviews on real estate agents and mortgage lenders launched in December 2010 and today there are more than 2 million reviews of real estate agents and mortgage lenders. Learn more about the Zillow integration.

Zillow’s review widget showcasing five-star rating

zillow reviews API integrations

Reputation Loop Integrates with MacPractice

MacPractice Customers Can Now Use the Reputation Loop Platform to Generate Online Reviews Fast, Monitor Their Online Reputation, and Promote Their Positive Online Presence to Gain New Customers.  Users of MacPractice will now be able to use one of the most powerful Reputation Marketing platforms available to build a positive reputation that attracts more patients. MacPractice is the leading Apple developer of the premier practice management and clinical software relied upon by over 30,000 users in 31 countries.  This integration makes it easy for doctors to accumulate and publish patient reviews.  Learn more about the MacPractice integration.

Reputation Loop’s Most Popular Integrations


Over 20,000 small businesses use Infusionsoft to handle contact management, sales, email marketing and e-commerce because it’s the best sales and marketing automation platform on the market. Now Infusionsoft users can harness the power of Reputation Loop to enhance their automation as fully integrated software that handles the process of turning customer feedback into 5 Star reviews.  Adding Reputation Loop’s innovative software API with your Infusionsoft account allows you to preset the entire process for generating customer feedback and turn positive feedback into online ratings and reviews. Learn more about the Infusionsoft integration.

Reputation Loop Directly Integrates with Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder

infusionsoft API integration

Social Sharing

Automatically share customer feedback and reviews on all your business’ major social media accounts and have your friends and followers help spread the positive word. Each shared review includes an image, increasing your likes and shares, and a customer review that highlights your company.

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Directory Integration

Reputation Loop’s business listing management service ensures your business can be found everywhere customers are searching.  Integration with leading online directories locks in the correct information from one single source that you control within your Reputation Loop dashboard. With real-time control of your listing across a network of 55+ leading sites, maps, and apps, you’ll have a guaranteed presence that you control across the web. Business listing management updates all the directories with basic NAP (name, address, phone number) information, bu also enhances your listings with the capability to add descriptions, maps, websites, photos, logos, reviews and more.  Here are just some of the 55+ leading websites:

directory API integrations

Review Monitoring

Reputation Loop actively monitors the top online rating and review sites, and you can connect your dashboard to these top sites to pull in reviews.  New review snapshots are displayed on your dashboard along with a special alert and you are notified that a new rating or review has been found by the software.

Reviews are monitored on sites like:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Citysearch
  • YellowPages
  • OpenTable
  • FourSquare

… And MORE

A Public API & More Reputation Loop Software Integrations

Every API Reputation Loop builds is designed to create powerful integrations that are simple to use and quick to implement. A public API is also available to bridge the gap where an API is not in place with another service provider.  The API listing gives you a link to the directory on the partner site and implementation instructions whenever possible.  Click here to see a more detailed list of software integrations available with Reputation Loop.

Want to Integrate with Reputation Loop?  If you have a company and are looking to integrate with us, contact us.

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