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From 20 Free Google Tools – New Ones to Try and Some You Know

Think you know all the free Google tools out there?  There is some new stuff you aren’t using yet!

Google has a lot of free tools they are just dying for you to use.  We’ll start with some you may not have tried yet and then give an overview of the rest of the free tools that can help you do business better.

Of course you want to know all about the free Google tools out there. When we talk about search engine marketing and SEO, all talk is of Google.  Why?  They dominate search, and when you learn how to do things the way Google wants them done, the reward is exposure and promotion to a larger audience than all other search engines combined. We can bemoan the unfairness of monopolies and tech tyrants, but who has the time (or power) to overthrow Google?  Better to play Google’s game and adopt strategies that help our businesses succeed.

google ruling dominates search

For those who want to compete on the biggest platform for search, Google has been kind enough to offer many FREE tools that help your business more easily and effectively execute the tasks needed to improve how you do business and get the most out of online marketing.

Free Google Tools You May Not Know

*NEW* Google Data Studio

In beta right now in the US only, Google Data Studio has everything you need to turn your data into dynamic dashboards and informative, customizable reports that are easy to read and easy to share. With Google Data Studio you can create up to 5 custom reports with unlimited editing and sharing for free.

free google tools Google Data Studio examples


Google Gadgets

Say you were looking for an easier way to build an app that works with Google platforms and products.  Gadgets has an API with built-in JavaScript libraries that make it easy to create gadgets (apps) that can run on multiple sites like Gmail, Calendar, Maps, and any web page.  You could even sell your app in the Google Apps Marketplace.

Google Insights

Google Insights helps you turn all that data Google’s free tools bombard you with into actionable insight.  You can uncover trends impacting your industry with Google Trends, get a deeper understanding of your customers, and create content that engages your consumers.

Google Consumer Surveys lets you create your own surveys to get fast and accurate market research for free using default questions and as low as 1 cent per answered custom question.

Google Correlate finds searches that correlate with real-world data so you can compare blocks of time (in winter or on Fridays) or US states.  You can even find search terms that have a similar pattern of activity. It’s all very complicated, so Google made this 8-page Google Correlate Comic Book to explain it.

Google Trends shows you what is trending right now on the web, and it also lets you search topics.  You’ll get a basically useless graph of the last ten years of search but scroll to the bottom of your trend search results and you’ll see a list of related searches that could be helpful when needing keyword inspiration.

Google Tag Manager

If you ever had to deal with changing site code, this may be your favorite tool.  Google Tag Manager lets you launch new tags with just a few clicks so you can get the most out of your Google Analytics measurements and find the right marketing opportunities.  I’m not saying you can fire your IT gal, but you won’t need them to update or manage your website or mobile app tags anymore.

Google Voice

Google Voice gives you a phone number that is tied to you as a Google user and not your device.  With it, you can make and answer calls, send and receive texts, and read and listen to voicemail on your phone, tablet, or computer.  You just need a Google account, a touch-tone phone with a U.S. number (for texting) and a computer.  Calls in the U.S. are free, you can number port your phone number and use these feature, and if you have Sprint, you can enable Google Voice on your phone.  Check out the Google Voice YouTube channel for videos on their top features.

Google Books

Google Books works just like the regular Google search, but when it finds a book with content that contains a match for your search terms, it gives you a link to that book.  You could just search Amazon, but Google Books gives you links and prices for major retailers and even searches the libraries near you so you can borrow for free.  You can then browse those books and often buy or borrow from the Google Book Library or the Google Play Store.  For a marketer or business owner, if you have a book, then you should get it listed in Google Books for added exposure.

free google tools Google books library

Free Google Tools You Know and Love – An Overview

Google AdWords & Keyword Tool

Over a million businesses use Google AdWords to advertise on Google’s network of search engines and websites.  Unlike buying a print or television ad, AdWords lets you target relevant customers by website type, audience type, or remarketing.  Add the powerful Keyword Tool and you can better plan our search network campaigns using historical data and estimates of how a list of keywords might perform to help you choose competitive bids and budgets.

Google My Business

Probably one of the most important free Google tool, Google My Business lets you manage your online presence across all of Google’s platforms.  Most importantly it lets you optimize your business’s online presence for search and maps.  Google My Business also lets you read and respond to customer reviews and gives your insight on how customers searched for your business.  The free Google My Business mobile app lets you access your Google My Business profile from anywhere.

Google Search Console – Webmaster Tools

The Search Console helps you monitor and maintain your website presence in Google search results.  Get a look at how Google and the world sees your website, make sure Google is crawling your content, and remove content you don’t want to be shown in search while monitoring and resolving malware or spam issues all in one place.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you get all the insight you could ever want into how site visitors interact with your website.  Beyond measuring sales and traffic, you’ll get the information you need to improve your website to increase site visits and conversions.

Google Calendar

It’s an online calendar that is everywhere you are.  Use it online and sync it with your phone or tablet and you’ll always know what your days look like.  You can share your calendar, print it, schedule appointments, invite others and even see other users availability.

Google Chrome

Chrome is Google’s web browser, and it is free to download to your devices.  It’s one of the fastest browsers out there, and it lets you instantly search or navigate from the same box.  Save time with autofill that lets you fill out those repetitive forms with one click without the hassle of small screen typing.

Google Docs

Google Docs is your free online version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. What makes it great? For starters smart editing that is compatible with Word, templates, forms, automatic saving as you type, available anywhere you are online thanks to Google Drive, search inside of documents, document sharing to work on documents together at the same time, and a ton of add-ons that enrich your experience and meet your specific document needs.

google docs free google tools

Google Drive

Google Drive let you save on their cloud 15GB of anything you want like photos, documents, recordings, and videos.  Google Docs saves there automatically and your drive is accessible from anywhere.  Get 100GB for $1.99 a month and 1TB for $9.99 month.

Google Mail

Gmail.  You know this free Google tool.  However, you may not know that there is Gmail for Work (part of the Google Apps for Work paid toolset) that lets you get a custom email that includes Calendar, Docs, video meetings, 30GB of online storage and more. Use the free trial to see if you like it, and then if you love it, Gmail for Work is around $5 per month per user.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts lets you create an automatic search that notifies you by email whenever Google finds new results on the keywords you set.  If you haven’t already, set up an alert for your name and business name, so you know when they show up on the web.


Google’s social network is Google+.  With your Gmail account you can create a profile that lets you share links, videos, pictures and your own comments with the world, but more specifically with the circles you create and groups, you join.  Collections let you share and see posts based on topic, communities let you join conversations, and your home stream lets you see posts based on whom you follow.

That’s 20 free google tools to make your life easier (or drive you insane depending on how you deal with data overload).  Anything stand out as a must-have?  Let me know!

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