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From Digital Marketing Checklists for Small Businesses

Use these small business digital marketing checklist to audit your current digital marketing efforts or to guide the development of a new digital marketing strategy.

Half of the companies doing digital marketing were doing so without a defined strategy according to a recent study.  How successful can any business activity be without a strategized plan of execution or set measurement of performance? An effective digital marketing strategy not only helps you make the right online marketing decisions, but it also provides a framework that ensures you are engaging in key online growth activities. Creating a small business digital marketing strategy that optimizes your local search engine efforts is the key to building an online business presence that customers find first in search and trust.

No Defined Digital Marketing

Your digital strategy will have various channels, all of which need managing, but don’t create an environment of overwhelm.  Use these checklists to help guide you in developing a manageable digital marketing strategy that includes a tactical and measurable approach with built-in performance improvement processes.

Small Business Digital Marketing Checklists

BEFORE YOU BEGIN – Setting Up a Digital Marketing Strategy

[  ]  Set Marketing and Sales Goals

[  ]  Assign Digital Marketing Responsibilities and Accountability

[  ]  Ensure Every Webpage Includes Analytics Tracking Code

[  ]  Determine Your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

[  ]  Develop and Use a System for Tracking and Measuring KPIs

[  ]  Create Customer Personas Using Analytics and Employee Input

[  ]  Identify Customer Pain Points and How They Search for Solutions

[  ]  Identify Most Effective Channels for Reaching Ideal Customers

Digital Marketing Measurements

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Digital Marketing Checklist

[  ]  Complete In-Depth Keyword Research and Review Quarterly

[  ]  Create Content that Solves Pain Points and Answers Customer’s Questions

[  ]  Use Location Schema to Enhance Local Search Visibility

[  ]  Track and Optimize Website Performance for Conversions, Mobile and Speed

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Reputation Management & Marketing Checklist

[  ]  Have a System in Place to Gather and Promote Positive Customer Reviews

[  ]  Create, Correct, and Monitor NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) Listings

[  ]  Create, Monitor, and Manage Citations and Business Directory Listings

[  ]  Be Active on Social Media and Engage Customers

[  ]  Post Helpful and Valuable Content along with Positive Reviews on Social Media

[  ]  Optimize, Manage, and Get Reviews on Google My Business Profiles

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Advertising & PPC Digital Marketing Checklist

[  ]  Outline Advertising Targets and Set KPIs

[  ]  Define Frequency of Measurement (at least month-to-month)

[  ]  Ensure Analytics is Linked and Accurately Reporting

[  ]  Allocate Advertising Dollars in Marketing Budget with Seasonal Flexibility

[  ]  Do In-Depth Keyword Research for PPC Campaigns (pause underperformers)

[  ]  Research the Cost Effectiveness of Mobile and Video Advertising (for your industry)

[  ]  Run Online Advertising Campaigns with a Direct Response Focus

[  ]  Manually Adjust PPC Top Performers (bid up high converters with lower CPA)

[  ]  Optimize Campaigns Based on Visitor Metrics vs. Conversions

Monthly PPC Monitoring

Email Marketing Digital Marketing Checklist

[  ]  Define Goals and Determine Audience

[  ]  Use Segmentation to Create the Appropriate Subscriber Lists

[  ]  Optimize Subject Line and Preview Text to Increase Opens

[  ]  Focus and Highlight “What’s In It For Me?” for the Reader

[  ]  Use Bold and Clear Calls-To-Actions that Drive to Your Defined Goals

[  ]  Optimize Design for Desktop, Mobile, and Webmail

[  ]  Check Links and Test Dynamic Content

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Social Media Digital Marketing Checklist

[  ]  Be Where Your Customers Are Online!Develop a Do-Able Social Media Marketing Plan

[  ]  Develop and Execute a Do-Able Social Media Marketing Plan

[  ]  Create and Curate Helpful Blog Posts and Valuable Content Offers to Share

[  ]  Research Paid Advertising on Top Social Media Networks

[  ]  Monitor Followers and Influencer

[  ]  Encourage and Track Engagement

[  ]  Join and Get Active Where Your Customers Spend Their Time

[  ]  Consistently Research and Use High-Performing and Relevant Tags

Investing in, and committing to a holistic small business digital marketing approach is the fast track to taking advantage of ever expanding and affordable online marketing opportunities.  Go these small business digital marketing checklists to develop a winning strategy or as a review to ensure the right online activities are in place to grow your customer base and sales.

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