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From Google AdWords Express – Automated AdWords for Smaller Businesses

What is AdWords Express?

AdWords Express is a simpler mini-AdWords.  It’s designed for the small one-person marketing team who can do without all the bells and whistles of the full AdWords application.  The biggest benefit to using it over AdWords is AdWords Express automatically manages your online ads.  Freeing time by eliminateing the daily tasks it takes to manage campaigns in AdWords. You just fill in your business info, write an ad and AdWords Express does the rest. You budget and only pay for clicks, so pricing is simple. It’s a quick set up, much of it is on auto-pilot, and you can run the whole thing from your mobile app.  Just like AdWords, with AdWords Express when customers search for products or services related to your search phrases, your ad is eligible to appear next to, above, or below search results on Google. Plus, with Google Maps, your ad can appear directly on the map or beneath the search results. You can include your business address and phone number in your ad, and you only pay when someone clicks your ad. Unlike AdWords, Express will choose your keywords base on the categories and services you select to automate your advertising and those keywords cannot be changed by you.

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Who Should Use AdWords Express?

Small Business owners who wear many hats love AdWords Express because it allows you to manage campaigns quicker and with less work.  Just set a budget and Google will come up with a list of keywords to trigger ads based on your type of business.  Google does a little ongoing management and maintenance to free up more of your time. They also provide free downloads of both an Android and iOS application to easily track your account.

Smaller business comfortable with only having simple ads on the Google network, including Google Maps, can greatly benefit from the easy to use functionality of AdWords Express.  You write your own ads, and they show next to, above or below search results in the sponsored ad locations.  However, you don’t even need a website!  You can direct your links to your Google+ page for more information on your business.

AdWords Express Set Up

Home services providers should look out for new Home Service Ads coming soon. Currently Home Service ads are in beta and available by invitation only is select northern California cities. When this exciting addition to AdWords Express rolls out it will allow you to receive service requests directly from potential customers through your ads.  Customers will be able to call you or send a service request from the ad. The service requests will show in the AdWords Express app and from there you can reply, book appointments, and manage all your ad generated service requests by accepting, declining, or asking for additional information from the prospect. Read Google’s Home Service Ads beta update and review the link of test cities in California.

How does AdWords Express work?

Getting set up with AdWords Express is quick and easy:

  • Write an ad for your business
  • Decide on a budget
  • Select the product or service that your business offers
  • AdWords Express creates a list of related search phrases
  • AdWords Express manages your ads automatically
  • Review the effectiveness of your ads in your dashboard

AdWords Express Audience1Latest Updates to AdWords Express

Google constantly updates Express, making improvements and adding new features that make it even more powerful.  Here are the two latest updates:

AdWords Express Version 11.5 – July 2016

Expanded text ads – full support for expanded text ads.

Search improvements –  improvements made to the search bar.

Multiple account posting – post changes to multiple accounts at the same time.

Mobile app engagement ads – create and edit mobile app engagement ads.

Structured snippets – full support for structured snippets, allowing your ads to highlight specific aspects of your products and services.

Multiple account import and export – import a CSV file into multiple accounts and export more than one account into a single CSV file.

Aggressive targeting optimization – new ad groups created in mobile app installs campaigns are set to “aggressive targeting optimization” by default.

Optional landscape image for app install ads – upload an optional landscape image when you create an app install ad.

AdWords Express Version 11.4 – May 2016

Faster campaign creation – “Add campaign” button now has a drop-down menu that lets you select which campaign type to create.

App extensions – create and edit app extensions in AdWords Editor.

Review extensions – AdWords Editor now fully supports review extensions, which highlight third-party reviews in your ads.

Mobile app installs – create mobile app installs campaigns for your Display Network ads in AdWords Editor.

Broad match modifier in duplicate keywords tool – find duplicate keywords tool now ignores the broad match modifier match type when you select the “Duplicates can have different match types” option.

Target CPA bid strategy – change your campaign’s bid strategy to Target CPA.

Frequency capping – to limit the number of times the same person will see your Display Network ad, edit the frequency capping campaign setting and export it for archiving and sharing. Note, CSV import and export aren’t supported.

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