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From New Facebook Features, Recommendations & Review Post Automation

When talking about engagement on social media, Facebook is the clear winner.  Pew research has shown that 70% of its users log on daily, and 43% do so several times a day.  While some businesses still see Facebook as the network grandmas use to see pics of distant grandbabies, Facebook continues to evolve.  Some new Facebook features include a platform for users to review and rate local businesses and now they have a recommendations tool that is a real game changer.


Knowing the importance of social proof and consumers’ reliance on the recommendations of real life customers, Facebook has invested in new platforms and tools to rival dedicated review sites as a top spot to get information and feedback on places and products.

By introducing new features that utilize and highlight customer reviews, Facebook continues to grow worldwide as a place to compare new products and services, discover new ideas, and even shop by finding relevant businesses.

With the ever increasing importance consumers place on customer reviews to make their buying decisions, it comes as no surprise that one of the most popular social networks in the world has made changes to support their users’ thirst for social proof.

Customers are having conversations about the places they go and business are looking for recommendations on the things they buy. Facebook wants to facilitate those conversations with new features focused on customer reviews.

New Facebook Features Use Recommendations and Reviews

Recommendations – New Facebook Feature Maps Recommendations from Friends

Last month, Facebook announced they were rolling out a new recommendations tool.  Anyone who has ever written a post asking for recommendations on where to go to do or buy something is going to love this!

  • You write a post on your Facebook profile asking your connections for recommendations on whatever.
  • Turn on the “Recommendations” feature.
  • Your friends send you suggestions on where they would go for whatever.
  • You get an enhanced recommendations post showing all those suggestions mapped out and saved.

new-facebook-features-recommendationsSource: Facebook Newsroom

This tool will only strengthen Facebook’s place in the hierarchy of customer research destinations.  While 100 reviews on Yelp can tell you a lot about a business, just one recommendation from a friend is likely to be trusted more.  Having a positive online reputation built on customer reviews will go far in getting the “I’ve heard good things” recommendations from friends using this new tool.

Professional Services – New Facebook Feature Ranking Local Businesses Based on Facebook Reviews

Introduced about a year ago, Facebook Professional Services is a local business directory inside Facebook where users can find business ranked by their Facebook reviews and ratings.  Logged into Facebook, a customer can use the search box to find businesses near their area based on product or service keywords or browse local businesses by business category from the Facebook Professional Services page.

Search and business listing category results show basic business information including description, location, contact information, and ratings.


–Source Facebook Professional Services

Results, both desktop and mobile, appear to be based on proximity, keyword matching, star rating, number of reviews, previous interactions with a local business, and (because it’s Facebook) connections between people you know and a business.

How Review Post Automation Increases Social Media ROI

The social media world is fast-paced and has a very short memory. A surefire way to raise your social media ROI is to automate many of the tasks associated with maintaining and growing your social media presence.

To keep your audience engaged, consistent posting and interaction are key. Consumers want fresh and relevant content, which you can deliver in the form of posts showcasing only your best customer reviews. Automating the process of posting your business’ customer reviews on your Facebook page will save you time and increase your social media ROI.

Look for tools like Reputation Loop’s automated customer feedback feature to automatically and consistently gather five-star reviews and post your best reviews to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages.

With Reputation Loop, you can determine which feedback and reviews to share, how often, and the maximum number of posts a day.  You can even manually push through a review for immediate posting from your Reputation Loop dashboard. Now those reviews are not only part of your profile feed seen by your connections, friends, and followers, but they are also part of your timeline.


The benefits extend beyond your social network connections with the way people now search for new businesses and products.  When customers do online research on your business name, your social media profiles are usually part of the top results. Future customers who discover your social media profiles can also travel back as far as they want in your posts stream and see real reviews, by real people on your Facebook profile and in your feed from other sources.

With automated review posting you can create and publish your five-star review posts without you lifting a finger. Continuous posting maintains a consistent voice of approval on your social media profiles that buyers listen to. Now you are getting more done, with less effort and building a more impressive online reputation.

Let Reputation Loop help increase your Social Media ROI with automated customer review and feedback posting. Find out more here and contact us at or (866) 700-9330.

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