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What is the best free small business software out there?  No need to search all over the internet because we’ve done the research and finding the best free small business software for your SMB is as easy as scrolling down.

The best free small business software that is really free – no setup fee, no free trial, no limited free version, no tricks.

There is a lot romanticizing about all the blood, sweat and tears that go into being successful at what you are passionate about. But running a small business is a daily exercise in efficiency. Expert management of time, money and resources are critical to successfully setting up and growing a business. Check out the best free small business software for ways you can save time, streamline business operations, and get more done while spending less.

The Best Free Small Business Software to Manage and Streamline Your Business Operations

Best Free SMB Invoice/Accounting Software


Wave is award-winning, easy-to-use software made for small business owners, with all the features you need to run your business better.  Best of all it is for real free – no setup fee, no hidden charges, no free trial, no limited free version.

Wave’s free invoicing and free accounting work perfectly together. Paid invoices are instantly updated in your books. Use the free Receipts by Wave app to snap a picture of your receipts and turn them into complete accounting transactions. Make your business audit-proof.  NOT free but dirt cheap ($10-15/mo) Wave’s payroll services connect with your accounting, so your finances are always effortlessly up to date.

Best Free Small Business Software Wave InvoicesWave’s invoicing and accounting software do so much this is just a partial list of features:

  • No training required; fast setup and really easy actions
  • Unlimited bank and credit card connections
  • Unlimited income and expense tracking
  • Unlimited guest collaborators: Invite your accountant or business partner
  • Includes unlimited customizable invoicing and receipt scanning
  • Fully customizable expense/income categories (chart of accounts)
  • Customizable sales taxes
  • Accountant approved: real, double-entry software
  • Journal transactions
  • Run multiple businesses in one account
  • At-a-glance dashboards, including cash balances and invoice status
  • Automatically generated accounting reports: P&L, sales tax report and more

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Best Free SMB Email Software

Thunderbird by Mozilla

It’s a tough sell to convince prospects that your business is legit when your email address ends in or  Thunderbird is a free email client that lets you personalize your email address for your business.  But there is so much more to this powerful email tool from Mozilla.

  • Easy mail account setup wizard that does NOT require you to know your IMAP, SMTP or SSL/TLS setting – just your name, email address, and password.
  • Multiple-channel chat right from messaging applications such as Facebook Chat, Google Talk, and Twitter.
  • Tabbed email that looks and acts like your internet browser allowing you to open emails in separate tabs on your screen so you can easily jump back and forth between emails.
  • Search and quick filter toolbars that let you easily find what you are looking for on the web or in your emails.
  • Large files management and sharing with Filelink to improve speed and avoid your email being rejected by the receiver because the attachment is too large.

Best Free SMB Project Management Software


Trello is a pretty popular project management tool for two reasons: It’s free “now and forever, ” and it’s so easy to use.  Trello, used by millions, lets you organize multiple projects of any size. Open a card, and you can add comments, upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels and due dates, and more. You can invite as many people to your board as you need, all for free. Drag and drop people to cards to divvy up tasks.  If you are a fan of the GTD (Getting Things Done) productivity system fits perfectly with Trello’s easy setup, tracking, and sharing.

Best Free Small Business Software Trello

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Best Free SMB Communication Software


Slack is the communication software used by some of the biggest businesses out there.  It lets you create a single workspace for your team to direct message, call, share, and track everything in your business. They do have paid software but with their tier pricing, which includes free “for an UNLIMITED period of time,” this could be the best free small business software for you.

Integrations with your most used apps and services make Slack seem too good to be free. Connect all the tools you use to Slack and get all your notifications directly within Slack—from support requests, code check-ins, and error logs to sales leads.

Best Free Small Business Software SlackSlack wants you to love their software and grow your business with them, so their free plan is pretty impressive:

  • 3 to 1,000 users
  • Searchable message archives
  • 10 apps or service integrations
  • Native apps for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows Desktop
  • 2-person voice and video calls
  • 5 GB team file storage
  • 2-factor authentication

Best Free SMB Office Software

WPS Office

Instead of paying for Microsoft Office software, or learning how to use Google Docs, you could use the free WPS Office software.  It functions and looks very similar to Microsoft Office, so there’s little learning curve.  This is a small-budget, no-commitment, productivity office suite of tools you can use.  It includes Writer, Presentation, Spreadsheets, PDF tools, and Docer templates.

Best Free Small Business Software WPS OfficeCool extras include free 1G file storage with WPS Cloud to use on your PC, mobile, and tablet to store and share documents by links with just one click.  And drag-and-drop paragraph layout features to adjust location and spacing of paragraphs by moving your mouse.

What Makes These the Best Free Small Business Software Out There?

There is a mountain of free software, promising all sorts of things at no costs.  Most come up lacking, but there are a handful of companies that have found a way to deliver a superior full-featured product for free by monetizing premium services or working with open source programming.  The best free small business software all excel in the most important areas: Ease of Use, Time-Saver, Customer Support and Satisfaction, and No or Few Limitations for Free.

Are you using free software to run your business? Share your experience in the comments.

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