Tuesday, December 8, 2015

From RepPilot.com/info: Do You Have Dated Testimonials on Your Business’s Website?

Testimonials Build Credibility

Positive word of mouth builds credibility for any business. And that increased credibility in turn helps increase the percentage of deals or sales you make.

However some have noted that testimonial can loose their value:

Testimonials are used so often that they have lost some of their value. Furthermore, prospective customers don’t always trust the truthfulness of testimonials. How do you make your customer testimonials stand out from the crowd and make them more meaningful for your prospects? To create effective, meaningful customer testimonials, they must be:

  1. Authentic
  2. Quantifiable
  3. Specific
  4. Diverse
  5. Approved

Or at least that’s what Susan Gunelius writes in Entrepreneur’s Blog

I would add one more element to that, they should also be timely.

I note that many businesses will put testimonials on their websites as a static posting.  That’s fine for the first 2 or 3 months, but as time goes on, they are quickly dated.

Here’s an example from one website I am familiar with:


In this case, there are two Yelp! reviews that date back almost 18 months ago and one Google review that may well have been from 2 ½ years ago.

A better solution for on site reviews would  be if you could ad code or a widget for WordPress based sites that pulled up the most recent reviews.

A key feature that you would want, of course, would be the ability for it to automatically screen just those reviews that were positive.

And that is just one of the best features of our RepPilot system.

The first goal of RepPilot is to get more positive reviews  posted on the review sites you want to be seen in.  For most businesses this would include Yelp!, Google Maps and any number of additional sites.

RepPilot make getting these reviews easier.

It also helps steer the less good reviews into a feedback system that delivers issues to you directly so you can act on them. RepPilot helps make it more likely the occasional negatives are share only with you and not the public on a review forum.

But the point of this post is that RepPilot makes it possible for your most recent Positive reviews get posted in a dynamic format on your website.

All that is required is posting a simple bit of code on your website, that can be done in minutes.

Thereafter, as you generate new positive reviews they will be posted on your site.

And the good news is that they will not only be timely, they will be authentic, quantifiable,  specific, diverse and approved. All by virtue of your active use of the RepPilot system.

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