Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What Jokes Had Our April Fooled

While April Fools Day has come and gone in 2016, a number of businesses are still getting a good laugh, right along with their customers. April 1st is a great example of a day where creativity comes alive in the “pranks” businesses pull on consumers. The best April Fools Day jokes don’t harm or hurt anyone but show the humor behind a business that people can laugh along with.

We’re taking a look at how some businesses put their pride aside to have a laugh with their audience, so you can get a jump start on planning your next April Fool’s prank or simply incorporating humor into your day to day marketing.

Malouf “Flower Bed”

From a smaller mattress company comes the decomposing mattress that turns into a bed of flowers. They took a creative approach and created a silly product (that at the same time is still pretty cool) that pertains to their brand.

iRobot and Zumba “Zoomba Roomba”

We always talk about creating partnerships, but who thought Zoomba and iRobot would team up? They came together for this hilarious April Fool’s Day joke, the #ZoombaRumba.

English Blinds “Roman Blind Skirt”

April Fools Day jokes we love,: the Roman Blind Skirt!

This skirt takes things from work to evening by lifting or dropping the fabrics like your favorite Roman Shades.

Think that your business can’t pull off an April Fool’s Day joke? Take a note from English Blinds who created the “Roman Blind Skirt

Lexus “V-LCRO”

Our favorite spoof on a brand has to be the Lexus V-LCRO. They created this video in the same style and voice of their brand, driving home the hilarity behind the idea.

Quilted Northern “Artisanal Toilet Paper”

Jumping on the artisanal trend, Quilted Northern instead pokes fun at it. Trends + April Fools Day joke = Magic.

Duluth Trading “Tradesman Bodysuit”

Another perfect brand spoof directed for their audience is the Duluth Trading “Tradesman Bodysuit” which keeps that dreadful plumber’s crack at bay by not even making it an option! The website no longer links to the bodysuit, but instead to the Longtail shirt (referenced in the email below).

Duluth Trading's April Fools Day joke has us thinking, "Huh, maybe this is a good idea?"

This joke takes a fan favorite shirt a step further by guaranteeing NO plumber’s crack.


Our favorite part of April Fool’s Day are that brands aren’t afraid to tell a joke and your local business shouldn’t be either! Especially if your joke is on par with your brand, it will resonate with your audience who will appreciate the lightness you can add to their day.

What joke can your local business tell? Let us know in the comments below!

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