Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Make Your Small Business Social Media Marketing Go Viral

The most exciting thing that could happen to small business’s social media marketing is that it goes viral. “Going viral” is usually defined (for non-celebrities) as getting 10,000 or more shares, comments or likes for a piece of content shared on social media (whether a simple social post or a blog article shared on social). Viral exposure is not something you can expect for every piece of content you share on social media, but you can use the viral concepts time and time again.

Characteristics of viral content comes down to four things:

  1. Emotional impact
  2. Broad appeal
  3. Comparison
  4. Pop-culture themes

When creating content to share on social or creating social posts keep these four things in mind.

Make an emotional impact with your content to go viral

By featuring a strong emotional hook or draw you can attract viewers to your content. Buzzfeed, for example, did this by sharing beautiful sentences in literature. First, this pulls in the bookworm crowd looking to see if their favorite quote made the list. Second, it’s pulling in viewers who want to read beautiful prose , who are looking for an emotional impact. Third, it’s not too emotional that someone would be embarrassed to share or be associated with.

Make your content broad to appeal to a wider audience.

Find a broad topic that a large audience can relate to, such as exercises. This article showcases a short list of exercises people can do to get in shape while at home, bringing in an audience who not only wants to save money and time but lose some flab as well.

Compare things your audience would be interested in (and may already be comparing)

Every local business can compare one thing to another, such as this wood flooring guide above that compares engineered wood versus solid hardwood that easily lays outs the pros and cons and informs a large audience of homeowners.

Use pop culture to connect with a wider audience on social media

Pop-culture attracts everyone from people who are obsessed with certain celebrities to those who hate all the attention pop-culture things get (but still read/view all the content associated with it). This doesn’t mean your local business needs to somehow relate to the Kardashian’s, you can pull from anything that gets a lot of attention like DiGiorno did with the SuperBowl.

Using these four aspects of viral content create social posts that will consistently attract your audience and may help you win big by going viral, opening your local business into an entirely new audience.

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